What was activity that we loved to do when we were kids? Of course playing. Kids love to play, they play almost all the time.

I have 3 years old nephew, he loves to play. Even if he can’t ask someone to play with, he can still play. He plays with ants. Maybe it’s sound weird, but it’s true. He plays with them and he is happy. I also have 9 years old nephew, he loves to play with his friends, toys and board games. He looks also so happy when he play.

Everytime I came to meet both of them, they were so happy, because me and my husband always spend sometimes just to play with them. We played hide and seek, board games, traditional game called “cingciripit”, etc. I love to play with them, because it is fun and it also makes me happy.

Together with Kummara’s team, we bring board games almost everywhere: school, office, mall, hospital, even on the street. We ask kids and everyone to play with. They are happy and we are even more happier.

So, if you think it is hard to find happiness, just play. If you wants your kids to be happy, just play with them and show them how much you love them. Playing is the simplest way to find and share happiness.