What can we do to cheer kids with cancer? There are many ways, but maybe we can learn something from Mrs. Dina, one of the volunteer teachers in the children’s cancer center in Bandung (YKAKB -Yayasan Kasih Anak Kanker Bandung).

She has been volunteering for about six months in YKAKB.  And in these six months, there are about 75 child cancer patients that she has met. They vary from babies to teenagers. The children come from poor families in West Java.

Each week, she comes to YKAKB and teaches English to the children and parents. She brings a program of learning English in a fun way. As an ice breaker, she usually starts the program by asking the children to sing English songs together. By singing songs, the cancer patients can forget a little bit about their illness, they can enjoy the song and have fun. Not only singing, to make the learning process more fun, Mrs. Dina always bring board games.

Before she ends the teaching session, she usually asks the children to play board games. By playing board games, the children can learn English while having fun. We can teach about numbers, colors, etc. It’s fun and the children love it.

When I knew that Mrs. Dina is using board games in her teaching program, it makes me happy. Because what we believe, that board game has a lot of potentials, is true. Board game is a good media to teach many things to every children, even when they are in difficult conditions.