Some of us need motivation from the others, why? because some of us just afraid to look deep on a dark place in our self …our hearth. So we are looking some light – borrowing from other, looking for a motivation, just to look deep on our self. But … some of us forget, that what important is not the light, it is the size of our heart. We can borrow the 1000 lights, but when our heart is just too narrow to enter, those are worthless.

There is a hall in our heart, some of us have it big, and we can bring as many light as possible there. Some of us have it too small – and nothing can enter. Only us who can make it bigger … or smaller, and we just need the right tools. Perhaps it would be better to look for the best tool first, to dig and make our heart bigger, before we borrow a light from other. And who knows, by making it big we will bring so much light automatically and shine for the rest of our live.